MA 2012 exhibition, Brighton

James and Tiago De Sousa, co-founders of Egoism, began working collaboratively in 2001. The subject of their work is themselves. James and Tiago De Sousa explore how they work together; how two egos’ can be separate yet combine to create one. Through research and performance, James and Tiago De Sousa continually address, question and redefine their roles.

This exhibition, for the first time, presented James and Tiago De Sousa’s 2004 Egoist Manifesto, No.6, together with the short film An Interview with the Artists produced by the Large Glass Pavilion Gallery for the 2010 exhibition, Egoists.

An Interview with the Artists, provides an insight into the relationship between the two artists. Tiago De Sousa, as the front man of James and Tiago De Sousa is often seen through the work but here we have a rare opportunity to see and hear from the ‘hidden’ artist, James De Sousa. Both discuss their work in terms of the collaborative process, evidencing the integral but delicate balance of their duality.

An Interview with the Artists, July 2012